Principles of Liberty Legislative Update 2/28/13

Principles of Liberty Legislative Update 2/28/13

February 28, 2013

Principles of Liberty (POL) is flattered to hear that activists and legislators alike are reviewing our positions on various legislation. As we mentioned in our cover letter from Week #6:

“Now that session is in full gear, many bills will be revised, etc. Sometimes there are “strike-belows.” This is when a bill is completely re-written, as long as it still falls under the bill title. It is challenging to constantly go back and re-read all legislation, so if you believe that a bill that has been rated one way should be reviewed for a possible change in rating due to significant changes, please contact POL to draw to our attention.”

Please note that since POL is a weekly publication, not to mention a volunteer organization, there are times when changes to bills will get ahead of our ability to monitor them in real time. As POL monitors bills we have always maintained the right to change a rating or pull the rating for any given bill based upon amendments, etc.

One such dynamic bill this week has been HB13-1045, “Prohibit State Aid To NDAA Investigations.” We have been contacted throughout this week regarding amendments to this bill, and we have responded that the bill is being monitored for reconsideration in its amended form. At this point the bill is under review, and we hope to have further clarification prior to our next weekly publication.

Thanks to all those that have contacted us – please keep the conversations going!

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